FCFTI offers quality education at an affordable cost. 

We also provide payment plans for those who wish to pay the cost of their education over an agreed length of time. Whatever your plan, whatever your choice, FCFTI has the right program and the rights costs for you!

FCFTI has a strict policy on cancellation and refunds, please check with your Administrator before you submit payments to the institution.


Our payment plan makes it easy for you to pay while you learn! With this plan, you decide how much to pay and when. This is important for those persons who cannot afford to pay the lump sum fee or who wish to manage their budget more wisely. Whatever your situation FCFTI makes affording your diploma, EASY.

If you wish to register using the payment plan there are a few steps to follow:

    1. Determine what course(s) you would like to pursue at FCFTI.

    2. Calculate what amount of this fee you would like the payment plan to cover.

    3. Download a copy of the PAYMENT PLAN AGREEMENT from our RESOURCE page.

    4. You will need a witness who can verify the information you are providing to us; they will also need to sign the document.

    5. Drop off form to our offices and one of our representatives will contact you for further instructions.