Prospective Students

FCFTI is part of the Workforce One Solution (WIC). WIC will pay the cost for each student qualifying for the Home Health Aide (HHA), Patient Care Assistant (PCA),  and Phlebotomy courses.

Faith Fellowship Training Institute is the test center for the National Healthcare Association (NHA) for the Patient Care Assistant and Phlebotomy Programs.

Courses We Offer

FCFTI offers 3 diploma courses as well as training and updates in several fields. Please click below to expand the tabs and explore more into each course.

Home Health Aide (HHA)

Home Health Aides work with elderly or disabled persons who need more extensive care than family or friends can provide. Some help discharged hospital patients who have relatively short-term needs.  Home health aides work in patients’ homes or residential care facilities. Nursing aides and  Home Health aides are among occupations commonly referred to as direct care workers, due to their role in working with patients who need long-term care. The specific care they give depends on their specialty.​

For more information on Career Opportunities as an HHA please contact our HHA Home Placement Coordinator, to help you find your best fit today.

Julianne Plummer


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Patient Care Assistants (PCA)

Patient Care Assistants are assigned responsibilities for providing direct and indirect nursing care or outreach services in clinics, hospitals, institutions, or home settings under nursing or medical supervision. This includes performing duties such as taking vital signs, obtaining lad specimens, charting, escorting patients, assisting with activities of daily living, and ordering and receiving supplies among many more.

If you opt to participate in the Patient Care Assistant Program at FCFTI you will have made a great choice. Our program includes 130 hours of clinical instruction and 170 hours of laboratory instruction. The program includes Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy as well as EKG.

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At FCFTI you receive hands-on instruction and clinical training from highly competent and knowledgeable instructors. With just 180 hours of instruction you will be employable in hospitals, private clinics and physician office labs.

To date, the phlebotomy program at FCFTI has graduated more than 500 students. With the head-start these graduates received from FCFTI some have gone on to work immediately out of school while other have gone on to further their studies and become LPN, RN, and even MD/DO students. The need for phlebotomists is ever growing and FCFTI offers the quality education you need while keeping it an affordable cost to you. For enrollment information please contact our offices.

Additional Training

We also offer updates in Medication, HIV/AIDS, Operational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Domestic Violence Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Alzheimer’s, and First aid.


Classes will be conducted by trained educators who have experience in the Health Industry. Classes will be held on a weekly basis in accordance with the following schedules:

  • Morning schedule: Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Evening schedule: Monday to Thursday, 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Students who take part in the Phlebotomy and Patient Care Assistant evening schedules should be aware that they will be required to adjust their schedules so as to be able to go on the one week clinical during the morning hours, as externships for students drawing blood cannot be done in the evening hours.

In addition, the P.C.A. program may not necessarily be completely consecutive, as there may be a short break between the Phlebotomy/ EKG portions of the course. Students should be prepared for this.

FCFTI will try to accommodate a student who is unable to complete their training fully within the above schedule. The student will possibly be allowed to take home the lesson plan to study and then come in to be tested. Please speak to the Instructor or Administrator regarding the possibility of this arrangement.

Public Holiday Closures

Classes will be conducted EVERY calendar day except for the following holidays that will be observed.

ª New Year’s Day 
ª Memorial Day
ª Independence Day (4th July)
ª Labor Day
ª Thanksgiving Day
ª Christmas Day 


FCFTI will have textbooks on sale for each training module. These can be purchased upon registering for the program of your choice.

Learning Aids

You will need to take the following items to class:

  • A manual blood pressure gauge (sphygmomanometer)
  • A watch with a second hand
  • A thermometer- manual, not digital


Students are required to deliver a passport size photograph to the administrative office for an I.D. to be made. This should be done during the first week of the course. Only students who will be going on clinical will need I.D. Hence, H.H.A. students do not need an I.D.

N.B. – Your I.D. MUST be taken to clinical.


All students must wear white scrubs and white shoes (sneakers are allowed) to all classes and also on clinical. Due to safety and professional standards, students must limit jewelry. Hair and fingernails must be clean.


  • ALL fees MUST be paid before your final examination. You will not be allowed to sit the final examination unless all fees are paid.
  • At least 75% of your fees must be paid before your clinical.


ALL students are required to present a physical report of not more than 6 months old (medical reports) and current CPR certificates to the administrative office in the 2ndweek of their course. You will not be permitted to go on clinical nor will you graduate unless these documents are in your file.

¨Please check with the administrative office to ascertain CPR class times and discuss possible arrangements for physicals.


Students may present a written request for a leave of absence for a maximum of two weeks. The instructor and administrator must approve the request. It must be dated and signed by the student and the instructor. If the student does not return during the proscribed time, the student will be considered as having withdrawn from the school.


The use of cell-phones is not allowed in the class. They must be turned off or put on vibrate during class. If you are more than fifteen minutes late you will not be allowed in class.


You will be awarded a diploma on the successful completion of your program. The issuing of an additional diploma will attract a fee. Please discuss this with the administrative office.