If you have been accepted to study at FCFTI, please contact our admissions department for information about registration.

Please note an application fee applies. Go to FAQs for more information.
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For more information about admissions and/or enrollment, give us a call. 

The Office of Admissions is open Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 7:00PM. We can be reached at Tel #1: (954) 484 – 8440 Tel #2: (954) 394 – 7839 or Fax (954) 640-0565.

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FCFTI admissions are opened to all applicants who desire to obtain career skills in the health care field. Applicants are screened by personal interview to determine their ability to benefit from the training provided.

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Admissions Office

Admissions Process

1. All applicants must have a personal interview with FCFTI admissions representative to review their qualifications for admissions.

2. All applicants should be a High School graduate or have a GED. If not, they are required to take an entrance test and score a minimum of 70%. Anyone wanting information on obtaining their GED should contact the schools director. 

3. All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable $40.00 application fee, this registration fee is included in the course or program total tuition cost once enrolled.

4. FCFTI reserves the right to reject an applicant if the required documentation is not received or is incomplete.

All applicants are interviewed and considered for admission without regard to race, creed, age, gender, or national origin. All considerations for educational opportunities are provided free of any and all discriminatory practices. Anyone expressing interest in the health care training programs offered by FCFTI is given full encouragement to make an application.​